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The stuffs I like the most.

Favorite anime: Gundam Seed/Gundam Seed Destiny

Favorite guy:  Athrun Zala


Favorite seiyuu: Ishida Akira


The best couple ever: Sakurazuka Seishiro x Sumeragi Subaru

Birthday Today! ^^

Today, 5th of November is my birthday. Wishing myself a

Happy Birthday!

One year older again... *sigh* Lol~~!! Well, I hope start from today the next whole year will be all good and somehow better than this year. And I hope I can done something for myself or at least, have some improvement.... yea. (^ ~ ^)

My birthday presents this year are all about animation and manga. One is the Gundam 00 mobile suit model, Setsuna's GN-001 Gundam Exia and Lockon's GN-002 Gundam Dynames. Another one is my favourite mangaka, Yamane Ayano sensei Viewfinder artbook. Lol! WTH!! I'm not an otaku! I'm not obsess too much in animation, besides there still got other things I like! (> 0 <)||| LOL! Anyway, I like it very much, thanx for all.

Last, to myself

*** ~ Have a Beautiful Life ~ ***
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Code Geass R2 Turn 22

"If being powerless is evil, is having power justice?
Is revenge evil?
Can friendship coexist with justice?"
~ Lelouch Lamperouge from Turn 1

Compare this with what Lelouch said in this episode,

The qualification for comanding the world is --- the resolve of destroy! Not only the world, even yourself.

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Big Beauty

Still have two days left before my study week finish and I didn't/haven't touch my books at all. So what I did all these times?

Well well, what I do is ~~ I continue my venture in BL mangas and novels. ~(= . =)~ Yes, it's what I did! Everyday I told myself tomorrow you need to go to make your IC (Yes, since I lost my purse I haven't renew my IC. > . <) and you need to study ady. But day by day passed, I haven't start yet. \(T .T)/ Nvm, I sure will study by tomorrow! (^ . ~)/

Btw, talk about BL, I think it's almost two years ady since I started it. It was one day I feel bored at home & I started searching for Gravitation & watched online. Then, I watched Sensitive Pornograph, Papa to Kiss in The Dark, Enzai, Gakuen Heaven...(one row in a day) but i found that anime wasn't too much yaoi stuff & I feel not enough. So i search for manga instead. From that time on, i read & read until now...

There are two beauties at the left side, right? Since I'm talking BL, so fyi these two are guys but not girls. These two days, I'm so indulge with these two, Kichou & Kentarou from Me de Shireru Yoru no Junjou by Suzuki Ami and Itsuki Kaname. This is one of the novel in Hana Furirou series and other than novel it also have manga and drama cd. Actually I discover this manga long time ago but wish to wait until it finish first then I read. But in this free time during the break I can't wait ady so I went to read the manga. Ohh~~! Itsuki-san drawing are so beautiful and I was fall in love with it immediately. After reading the manga, again I can't wait for the ending so I search for the novel & read. Later on, of course I also won't let off the drama cd. Guess who is the seiyuu? It's Hirakawa Daisuke x MIdorikawa HIkaru! (* 0 *) In my opinion, the seiyuu fix perfectly with the characters especially Kentarou by Midorin, his voice is just like Kentarou. So cute! (^ 0 ^) Ahh, the music behind also very nice. (^ . ^)P

Guess you know who is Kentarou right? It's the black haired guy. Yea, I know he's girly, just like a classical long black-haired beauty. Indeed, he is called 'princess' by Kichou & others in the story. Not because of his look but also his character is so princess! (^ . ^) Willful, arrogant, indifferent, simple and easily to guess attitude...That's why, at first I captured by him (probably his look) then I started to like Kichou better (yea, too 'princess'-like is annoying & sometimes he's too stupid) but finally I came back to him again. No doubt, between these two I really like my black-haired beauty better.

Kichou means Butterfly and Kentarou means Dragonfly. A beautiful love story of two "insects" in the cage. Strongly recommend to you all, not only BL lovers!

*sighs* Looks like I always captured by long & dark haired guy. Always like that...*sighs*


綺蝶 x 蜻蛉

♥ ♥ ♥  
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Uncover Your Persona

Okay, Code Geass again after long time didn’t post. I intend to write something but when I start writing I dunno where I should begin with. Yes, there’re a lot of things happened in such a fast pace and it already make me confuse. Last night after I watched episode 21 I chatted with my siblings about it for almost three hours. Definitely, there’re a lot of things to talk about and a lot of things that I still don’t understand. It seems like when we thought there is a revelation it always ends up with more question marks. Recently I always think about the same thing, if you’ve read my previous post, that Code Geass is ultimately “useless”. Why am I saying so? Don’t you think after all what we get is the outcome from some nonsense thought? If they didn’t plan on the Ragnarok will all this happened? There won’t be Code Geass anymore but it’s arise from a absurd thought. Silly…
Since I heard this, I can’t help to think that izzit not what Director Taniguchi plans for from the beginning? Then what will it be like in the original version? I know it’s impossible to happen but I wish someday we will get the other original story of Code Geass. Reading the article, I can sense that he’s a perfectionist. Unable to perform what he wanna to do is the most suffering condition for an artist.

Saying all this does not means that I don’t like what happened till now. I just wondering is there more better plot other than what we get now. The pace definitely going too fast in recent episodes and I suspect is this the ultimate answer for what we watched so far. The most important secret in this show is Marriane’s death and I won’t believe it’s what they planned from the beginning. My feelings tell me that it has another story at first. Nonetheless, Marriane’s good image in my heart is falling. Well, she’s a good actress.
Start from last season, I always tell my friends if Marriane haven’t died then if I’m Lelouch the first person I’m gonna kill is she. Using her son up until now by knowing all the things happened all along, ignored it, not to mention the Emperor and C.C. also are the culprits too, she is indeed the most deceiving person in the whole show. Right from V.V. dead, I already speculated that the Emperor abandoned his own children to Japan might be of protection and Marriane’s murderer might be V.V. It all proved me right now. Though I understand this, I can’t acknowledge their ways of thinking. In other words, I’m totally support Lelouch ideal. After the Emperor finished his talks about his real intention, I’m thinking…Am I watching Gundam Seed Destiny now?
Hell No~~! Don’t it’s like Destiny Plan? Everyone already decided a role at birth and war no longer exist. Since everyone has their life in order so fight is not necessarily anymore. The difference here is that GSD is using science while here is about religion. It looks like I’m watching the same thing again. The Emperor is Gilbert Durandal while Lelouch now become Kira?!
Ironically, the one who said wanna create a gentle world with no lies actually is the one always lying and the worse is, lying to their own children under the words of protection. Anyway, I suppose there is no real villain in this show (and it’s the show I like the most). I don’t dislike Marriane and her husband, they have their own thought that I don’t agree. Lelouch definitely not a good guy, nor so Suzaku. Even Schneizel, I only can think him as a brilliant strategist. The list goes on. No one will 100% never hurts somebody or always doing the bad things. I will take the Emperor as one more example again. He might not be a good Emperor, or a good father, or a good brother also, but he definitely is a good husband. Everyone plays a different role at different time, and it needs us to put up our masks to do so. A world without personas won’t do it.
Last thing I wanna clarify again, I’m not dissatisfied or anything with the story. I might as well just feel pity for Director Taniguchi and curious about the original story.

Lelouch ~ All the Way Here

It's not the time to summarize all the things yet but I intend to make a quick post after things happened at this point, after episode 18.  As always, I like Sunrise boys! (^ . ^) I remember I first truly fall for anime is after I watched Gundam Seed. Kira and Athrun friendships thrilled me a lot. This is the main part attracted me and what make it great is it contains a lot of elements inside. I never thought that anime can go so deeply and the intense people relationships... Whoa! it just like a movie. Moreover, anime character is more pretty than real people that make me this perfectionist adore it so much, lol~  c(> . <) However, I can't get something like Gundam Seed/Destiny in other animes, until I met Code Geass.

It brings back my excitement towards anime. Again, it's a story between two boys. From Season 1 up till now, I never feel disappointed about it. Last season, I can't resisted myself to read spoilers,but the good point is no matter how many spoilers you read, you'll always get surprised by the story development. It's the main reason I like Code Geass so much. I always got so thrilled on and can't wait for the next episode, and as soon as the subs come out I'll immediately download it (imagine it's only airs half a hour once a week). It's the only anime I'll do like this as I normally will wait for the shows finish airing first. This season, I succeed to suppress myself from reading spoilers since I know from this moment every of these is a huge spoiler. Therefore, up till now I can enjoy to the greatest excitement it brings to us. But as it goes on, things always happen unexpectedly, people go on dying, falling...I started to think what I watch this for? 

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Code Geass R2 Turn 13

Before I say anything else, I wanna say that this episode is the greatest episode so far in R2!

I’m telling the true, I like it very much but I also don’t like it. What am I saying? Yea, from plot-wise I like it but from other aspect I don’t like it. Sorry, I intend to make this post an emotional post since I just watched the episode a moment ago. I don’t have the mood to write a long post though.
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Who False is?

There’re people say that those who like to watch anime are childish. Most parents won’t encourage their children watch anime and read manga, moreover they might oppose it. As well as at school, the teachers will blame anime and manga if the students’ grades drop. If an adult engages in this kind of things, people will properly say he or she is still a big child, unrealistic, wasting time, or even an otaku. Even though ACG have been a sub-culture for a long time but it never become the main stream in societies. It's being marginalized in the societies.

It’s true that there’s a light for ACG since the number of fans are increasing and it’s demanding. But giving you a situation, if you are the person in charge to hire a new employee, which employee will you hire; an employee who likes to read books, or an employee who likes to read manga? What I mean here is there’re always biases in the adult working world. Though indeed, from the real ACG fans (they only like anime, manga or games) I encountered until now, most of them are simple-minded. Forgive me if I say something wrong, but it’s my real experience.

Although I say that, but what I want to mention in this post is categorization. People tend to categorize things base on certain characteristics. Even from our births, we started to differentiate good & bad, beautiful & ugly, clever & stupid, rich & poor…etc. We like to categorize things to different groups and judge them base on their groups. So from here, compare to others ACG is far more behind than other groups which make it fall into a lower category.

When a crime committed, it’s always like to link to ACG. Japan is sensitive to this issue since she is a low crime rate country. But is ACG the only or main reason for it? The latest accident, the Akihabara killings which happened early this month have created a lot of commotion. The murderer is known as an ACG fan and the police think that it’s one of the main factor. Awhile back, the last School Days episode was preempted because of an axe murder case happened at Kyoto. Here only two examples and there’re a lot of cases they like to related to ACG.

Personally I don’t think media contents have such a big impact. There’re a lot of ACG fans around the world and if it’s the truth, then I won’t think the crime rate will be like what we seeing now. It should be the crime rate far more higher, am I right? I doubt that why the media likes to pick on it btw they should consider the murderers mental health problems or other factors. Well, it’s simple to find some scapegoat that’s easy to reach. People need a quick explanation and it’s the fastest way to do so without thinking.

It goes back to categorization. Even there’re only a few otaku commit a crime but people impression about ACG fans have became bad. And even though they’re otaku, there not necessary because they’re otaku so they commit a crime. There’re a lot of factors behind it. We never know the offender mind-set without investigate on it. If the individuals clear about their actions and the consequences behind their actions they’ll not go this far. Or even they know, there’re some reasons behind to make them do so. Media contents can incorporate those ‘ideas’ to their mind, but it must be the offenders themselves have those kind of thinking in the first place.

ACG will influence people thinking, but it won’t be a reason for doing something such as committing a crime. I believe that as a human being, we are gifted by the ability to think. Therefore, think deeply about it before you blame for no reason.  

ETA:  Fruits of inspiration after I read this Random Curiosity article.
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Code Geass R2 Turn 7

There again, refrain appears again, and this  time the one gonna uses it is Lelouch. I never thought Lelouch can goes down to this point. Poor Lulu, sure you'll be cornered if you think your existence is only for Nunnally. I'm not sure what in his mind now but I think maybe he don't want fight directly with Suzaku, since he consider him as his friend. But I think the strategy is changing. He might want a win-win situation. And seeing the way as it is, it's looks very soon that Lulu can accept Rolo. 
Well, from this episode, I can see a good ending. Hopefully.

Questions in my mind: 
1. So Kallen not only knew Lelouch is Zero but she also knew he's a royalty?
2. The quote in the preview, izzit towards Nunnally?
3. What exactly Suzaku told Nunnally about his brother? Missing? How come?

Code Geass R2 Turn 5

Betrayed and Betrayal 

It's a fun episode and full of excitement. I laughed out crazily to the level my sis said I'm like uncivilize people when I saw all the girls even Millay can passed Lelouch. *(^ o ^)* From the almighty Zero to the funny moments then the situation become tense in the end, I wanna say it's very welldone and I love it. The most notable scene I'll give it to the reunion of Lelouch and Suzaku. I like that very much when they can synchronize their inner speeches so well with each other. 

It's not exactly an episode discussion but is about the theme above, betrayed and betrayal. Suzaku is finally back so I thought now is the right time to summarize this issue base on what I collect from Season 1 and picture drama until now. It's something new I try to fit in the characters' minds and talk like them. Hope you like that. 

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