May 5th, 2008


Code Geass R2 Turn 5

Betrayed and Betrayal 

It's a fun episode and full of excitement. I laughed out crazily to the level my sis said I'm like uncivilize people when I saw all the girls even Millay can passed Lelouch. *(^ o ^)* From the almighty Zero to the funny moments then the situation become tense in the end, I wanna say it's very welldone and I love it. The most notable scene I'll give it to the reunion of Lelouch and Suzaku. I like that very much when they can synchronize their inner speeches so well with each other. 

It's not exactly an episode discussion but is about the theme above, betrayed and betrayal. Suzaku is finally back so I thought now is the right time to summarize this issue base on what I collect from Season 1 and picture drama until now. It's something new I try to fit in the characters' minds and talk like them. Hope you like that. 

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