May 19th, 2008


Code Geass R2 Turn 7

There again, refrain appears again, and this  time the one gonna uses it is Lelouch. I never thought Lelouch can goes down to this point. Poor Lulu, sure you'll be cornered if you think your existence is only for Nunnally. I'm not sure what in his mind now but I think maybe he don't want fight directly with Suzaku, since he consider him as his friend. But I think the strategy is changing. He might want a win-win situation. And seeing the way as it is, it's looks very soon that Lulu can accept Rolo. 
Well, from this episode, I can see a good ending. Hopefully.

Questions in my mind: 
1. So Kallen not only knew Lelouch is Zero but she also knew he's a royalty?
2. The quote in the preview, izzit towards Nunnally?
3. What exactly Suzaku told Nunnally about his brother? Missing? How come?