August 11th, 2008


Lelouch ~ All the Way Here

It's not the time to summarize all the things yet but I intend to make a quick post after things happened at this point, after episode 18.  As always, I like Sunrise boys! (^ . ^) I remember I first truly fall for anime is after I watched Gundam Seed. Kira and Athrun friendships thrilled me a lot. This is the main part attracted me and what make it great is it contains a lot of elements inside. I never thought that anime can go so deeply and the intense people relationships... Whoa! it just like a movie. Moreover, anime character is more pretty than real people that make me this perfectionist adore it so much, lol~  c(> . <) However, I can't get something like Gundam Seed/Destiny in other animes, until I met Code Geass.

It brings back my excitement towards anime. Again, it's a story between two boys. From Season 1 up till now, I never feel disappointed about it. Last season, I can't resisted myself to read spoilers,but the good point is no matter how many spoilers you read, you'll always get surprised by the story development. It's the main reason I like Code Geass so much. I always got so thrilled on and can't wait for the next episode, and as soon as the subs come out I'll immediately download it (imagine it's only airs half a hour once a week). It's the only anime I'll do like this as I normally will wait for the shows finish airing first. This season, I succeed to suppress myself from reading spoilers since I know from this moment every of these is a huge spoiler. Therefore, up till now I can enjoy to the greatest excitement it brings to us. But as it goes on, things always happen unexpectedly, people go on dying, falling...I started to think what I watch this for? 

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