September 1st, 2008


Uncover Your Persona

Okay, Code Geass again after long time didn’t post. I intend to write something but when I start writing I dunno where I should begin with. Yes, there’re a lot of things happened in such a fast pace and it already make me confuse. Last night after I watched episode 21 I chatted with my siblings about it for almost three hours. Definitely, there’re a lot of things to talk about and a lot of things that I still don’t understand. It seems like when we thought there is a revelation it always ends up with more question marks. Recently I always think about the same thing, if you’ve read my previous post, that Code Geass is ultimately “useless”. Why am I saying so? Don’t you think after all what we get is the outcome from some nonsense thought? If they didn’t plan on the Ragnarok will all this happened? There won’t be Code Geass anymore but it’s arise from a absurd thought. Silly…
Since I heard this, I can’t help to think that izzit not what Director Taniguchi plans for from the beginning? Then what will it be like in the original version? I know it’s impossible to happen but I wish someday we will get the other original story of Code Geass. Reading the article, I can sense that he’s a perfectionist. Unable to perform what he wanna to do is the most suffering condition for an artist.

Saying all this does not means that I don’t like what happened till now. I just wondering is there more better plot other than what we get now. The pace definitely going too fast in recent episodes and I suspect is this the ultimate answer for what we watched so far. The most important secret in this show is Marriane’s death and I won’t believe it’s what they planned from the beginning. My feelings tell me that it has another story at first. Nonetheless, Marriane’s good image in my heart is falling. Well, she’s a good actress.
Start from last season, I always tell my friends if Marriane haven’t died then if I’m Lelouch the first person I’m gonna kill is she. Using her son up until now by knowing all the things happened all along, ignored it, not to mention the Emperor and C.C. also are the culprits too, she is indeed the most deceiving person in the whole show. Right from V.V. dead, I already speculated that the Emperor abandoned his own children to Japan might be of protection and Marriane’s murderer might be V.V. It all proved me right now. Though I understand this, I can’t acknowledge their ways of thinking. In other words, I’m totally support Lelouch ideal. After the Emperor finished his talks about his real intention, I’m thinking…Am I watching Gundam Seed Destiny now?
Hell No~~! Don’t it’s like Destiny Plan? Everyone already decided a role at birth and war no longer exist. Since everyone has their life in order so fight is not necessarily anymore. The difference here is that GSD is using science while here is about religion. It looks like I’m watching the same thing again. The Emperor is Gilbert Durandal while Lelouch now become Kira?!
Ironically, the one who said wanna create a gentle world with no lies actually is the one always lying and the worse is, lying to their own children under the words of protection. Anyway, I suppose there is no real villain in this show (and it’s the show I like the most). I don’t dislike Marriane and her husband, they have their own thought that I don’t agree. Lelouch definitely not a good guy, nor so Suzaku. Even Schneizel, I only can think him as a brilliant strategist. The list goes on. No one will 100% never hurts somebody or always doing the bad things. I will take the Emperor as one more example again. He might not be a good Emperor, or a good father, or a good brother also, but he definitely is a good husband. Everyone plays a different role at different time, and it needs us to put up our masks to do so. A world without personas won’t do it.
Last thing I wanna clarify again, I’m not dissatisfied or anything with the story. I might as well just feel pity for Director Taniguchi and curious about the original story.