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Celebrity Morph

Last few days I went to MyHeritage played with my photos and here's the most accurate result I get, 70% I look like Kim Hee Sun. (It's a combination picture me with her since i can't put the video here. If you wanna see how I transform go to my chinese blog.) Actually there is another photo I get with Kim Hee Sun which has higher accuracy, 78%, but I finally decided not to use that. Simply because that one is took at night so the quality is not good.

Lol~! But the celebrity I most look like is not a girl but a guy ~ Kim Rae Won. Since he appeared countless times in my results. Am I look like him? Sometimes there even Bae Yong Joon appeared in my results. (> 。<)

Pay a visit to that site if you like it. Pretty funny & I have a good time there just to see which celebrities my family, friends, and me look like. (^ . ^)b
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