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Code Geass R2 Turn 5

Betrayed and Betrayal 

It's a fun episode and full of excitement. I laughed out crazily to the level my sis said I'm like uncivilize people when I saw all the girls even Millay can passed Lelouch. *(^ o ^)* From the almighty Zero to the funny moments then the situation become tense in the end, I wanna say it's very welldone and I love it. The most notable scene I'll give it to the reunion of Lelouch and Suzaku. I like that very much when they can synchronize their inner speeches so well with each other. 

It's not exactly an episode discussion but is about the theme above, betrayed and betrayal. Suzaku is finally back so I thought now is the right time to summarize this issue base on what I collect from Season 1 and picture drama until now. It's something new I try to fit in the characters' minds and talk like them. Hope you like that. 

Lelouch pov: 
Suzaku never betrays me but I’m the one who lost to him. I thought he belongs to me and Nunnally and never think he’ll choose Euphie. Hmm…he’s a Britannia soldier after all. But why he never tell me about it? It’s he can’t tell or he don’t wanna tell? Or he doesn’t trust me? But yes, I don’t tell him my identity also. He has changed, we both has changed. I should not look at him like we’re children anymore. Are you being disappointed at me? I already said it, I’ll take revenge! Why don’t you stand by my side while we can work very well together? Hahaha, it’s too late to say this now. I won’t blame you for what you chose, you has the reason to hate me. At that time, when you brought me to the Emperor, I feel really pissed off about you. How dare you can do this to me? I’m your friend! Or you no longer think I’m your friend? Haha, Suzaku, you really an idiot! I should not trust you, I should not think you as my best friend, I should finish you at first. Hahaha, I lost to myself too! But I won’t repeat it a second time. How should I treat you now? I'll get Nunnally back! I won’t let you hinders me again, my first friend and worst enemy. 

Suzaku pov: 
Lelouch, I won’t forget your betrayal and now, I has betrayed you. I can’t understand why you do such things and even to Euphie, you won’t let go of her. Euphie is nice and she is your sister, and you destroyed her for your success? How shame! I won’t forgive you. I should stop you from the beginning. I should confront you and question you. Why I don’t do it at first? I don’t want to believe it’s you but…but you do all the things to betray other people! Euphie, Nunnally and friends at Ashford Academy are all believed in you and you betrays them again and again. You deceives all the people around you and killed innocent people for your selfish purpose. Your way is wrong, even if you success! You should take responsibility for all the things you had did. No, it’s my responsibility to correct the situation. If it’s not me, you won’t become like this. No more victims occur if you disappear. I won’t feel regret to do this thing to you and I won’t ask for your forgiveness. You should just die. I’ll surely destroy you, my first enemy and worst friend. 

My thought: 
I actually don’t agree with Suzaku that Lelouch has betrayed people around him but I do think Suzaku did betray Lelouch. I think Suzaku takes Lelouch as someone who takes no account of other people btw it’s not completely true. Lelouch is a guy who will cares for someone he think is 'friend'. In contrast, he'll just uses and destroys someone he consider as 'enemy'. Suzaku think the main reason for Lelouch to become Zero is revenge. It makes him think all Lelouch done is wrong. Also, he might not knows the whole facts, he definitely not. 

What make me think Lelouch did not betray? First thing I think off, what extreme things he had done to his friends? I can’t find an answer, No. Euphie, Shirley, Kallen, Nunnally, The Black Knights, friends at Ashford Academy, the citizens and even Suzaku? He never betrays their feelings and his feelings for them are absolutely sincere. Though there might contain use and being used in the relationships. One thing he deceives the people is about his identity. But think it further, no way you’ll tell someone you’re the head of the terrorist. One of the reasons he don’t tell much also due to he wants to protect the people around him, whether it’s their physicals or minds. They better know less about the situation as it’s nothing good to them. Kallen as an example, what she might do if she knows Lelouch is Zero from the beginnig? It might be hard for her and of course things might be difficult. It’s one of the reasons too, there’ll much more disturbance if many people know the truth and participate in it. In conclusion, Lelouch is someone who likes to assume things and he likes to make decision that he think is right for the situation. Whether Euphie’s death, Shirley’s lost memory, Nunnally future and a lot of things, it’s what he assume the best for them. It’s nothing right and wrong but I think it’s because he cares so he acts like this. What he did until now, I can’t recognize it as betrayal. 

That’s partly due to responsibility too. Let’s go back to Suzaku first. His betrayal to Lelouch for me is he brought Lelouch to the Emperor. I believe he can understand well about Lelouch, at least he knows Lelouch hates the Emperor. What’s that means when he brought Lelouch there? Suzaku decided to betray his friend. Same with Lelouch, who think he should fixes the situation of his actions, Suzaku think that Lelouch’s action is his responsibility. Suzaku think that it’s his fault in the past for not stopping Lelouch, then for not repeat the same mistake again he should stops Lelouch now. He judges Lelouch by his morality and decided he's wrong without knowing the truth btw he thinks he knows all. It’s partly due to Lelouch fault too for not explaining to him but if I’m Lelouch, I won’t do it. It’s hard to explain in words and even if I explain, he won’t believe me. When the identity is exposed, there're no longer trust between them. 

Suzaku and Lelouch, they’re similar but yet ways too different. Their concepts are pretty much alike but when put it into action; they’ll do it in a converse ways. But this converse ways sometimes there’ll quite contradict to each other and interrelated. In the end, result might be the only thing we'll look and decide. 

How I differentiate between Suzaku and Lelouch betrayal is I look at ‘purposeful’. From the moment what he did to Lelouch from one year ago, he had betrayed their friendship and it’s what he chose. He chose his own justice beyond friendship. He is purposely to betray. While Lelouch, what he did is conceal his identity. As to cover it, there might be a lot of things need to do and sometimes it might hurt someone. Lelouch has tried to avoid it and keep his friends away from it. Ironically, he doesn’t want his friends involve but eventually he drags them into it. Lelouch don’t purposely to betray that makes me see his acts are not. When it comes to feelings, it’s important to look at whether he intends to hurt you or not intends to hurt you. 

But I suppose Lelouch think that he betrays everyone. From the moment he chose to become Zero, he has considered betrayal will happens. And when things happened, he confirms it again and again. He recognizes his acts as betrayal but he continues his battle and prepares for his retribution. Lelouch hates betrayal. The first betrayal is by his dad that he hates it so much to the level he don’t want to remember it and to revenge. But since he considers he also betrays, so he don’t feel very irritated when someone betrays him. He understands that they have the right to do so and they have not blood-related with you. So his level of irritation is different between Suzaku or Rolo with his royal family. It seems his thought is about there can’t be any betrayal in family. So he killed Clovis (though he do nothing wrong), fight with Cornelia and Schneizel; it’s his response to betrayal of his royal family. 

Someone said he hopes for betrayal happens but on the other hands, he would wish it never happens. It involves trust and Lelouch absolutely lack of trust to others. His experiences tell him betrayal can always happen that leads him prepares or hopes for it to happen soon. That way, he’ll feel relief soon too. Since he realizes that the family can betray then it’s even can happens in non-blood related people. It’s the reason why he can forgive friends who betrays easily. But his personality of hating betrayal tells him about maybe there’ll an exception. It keeps him to interact with other people sincerely and wish to trust them. Rather than saying Lelouch hates betrayal, it’s better to say he scared of betrayal. 
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