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Code Geass R2 Turn 13

Before I say anything else, I wanna say that this episode is the greatest episode so far in R2!

I’m telling the true, I like it very much but I also don’t like it. What am I saying? Yea, from plot-wise I like it but from other aspect I don’t like it. Sorry, I intend to make this post an emotional post since I just watched the episode a moment ago. I don’t have the mood to write a long post though.
Shirley dead…killed by Rolo.
I believe everyone also got so shock, sad, angry, frustrated, etc…any kind of feeling since I saw a lot of posts and comments elsewhere ady btw the episode just aired not even half a day. I don’t care what happened with Orange-kun this episode though it’s good too but this one, it’s so unexpectedly. I got an uneasy feeling when Shirley get back to the building and it’s prove my intuition is right, a girl lied on the floor full with blood. Once again I need to say, I like but I don’t like it this way.
I mean I can accept Shirley death if it’s the other way but not by Rolo hand. God! I hate it! I hate Shirley insisted to go back to the building even though Suzaku intend to sent her to somewhere save. I hate she said those things to Rolo. I hate no one there when she got killed. I even hate Rolo, the one I like, the one I always say he’s adorable though he killed a lot, the one I feel sorry for him. But now I no longer can feel like this for him. This gay dumbass! No one wants to snatch your dear oniisan from you.
All this way, I don’t like or hate Shirley. No way will I feel so strong for this. She’s innocent and definitely no need to die. I feel so strong partly is still because of her but mainly is because of Lelouch, and perhaps Rolo. I don’t want to see this kind of thing happens again, if possible. I feel very contradicted, it’s the plot I always like but I don’t dare to see Lelouch suffer anymore. Why the girls always need to die for him?
I can’t forgive Rolo, since he knows he killed someone his dear oniisan want to protect. And it’s the reason he killed too. That’s why I can’t even want to forgive him. Why? He really needs to see some psychologist. Don’t if you like someone you should like the people around him too? If you destroy the people around the one you like, that’s means you don’t believe him. Yes, Lelouch might not sincere with Rolo, but even you kills the whole world, I like you means I like you, in contrary, I don’t like you means I don’t like you.
Poor Shirley, poor Lelouch, poor Rolo…But Rolo, you should just die.
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