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Big Beauty

Still have two days left before my study week finish and I didn't/haven't touch my books at all. So what I did all these times?

Well well, what I do is ~~ I continue my venture in BL mangas and novels. ~(= . =)~ Yes, it's what I did! Everyday I told myself tomorrow you need to go to make your IC (Yes, since I lost my purse I haven't renew my IC. > . <) and you need to study ady. But day by day passed, I haven't start yet. \(T .T)/ Nvm, I sure will study by tomorrow! (^ . ~)/

Btw, talk about BL, I think it's almost two years ady since I started it. It was one day I feel bored at home & I started searching for Gravitation & watched online. Then, I watched Sensitive Pornograph, Papa to Kiss in The Dark, Enzai, Gakuen Heaven...(one row in a day) but i found that anime wasn't too much yaoi stuff & I feel not enough. So i search for manga instead. From that time on, i read & read until now...

There are two beauties at the left side, right? Since I'm talking BL, so fyi these two are guys but not girls. These two days, I'm so indulge with these two, Kichou & Kentarou from Me de Shireru Yoru no Junjou by Suzuki Ami and Itsuki Kaname. This is one of the novel in Hana Furirou series and other than novel it also have manga and drama cd. Actually I discover this manga long time ago but wish to wait until it finish first then I read. But in this free time during the break I can't wait ady so I went to read the manga. Ohh~~! Itsuki-san drawing are so beautiful and I was fall in love with it immediately. After reading the manga, again I can't wait for the ending so I search for the novel & read. Later on, of course I also won't let off the drama cd. Guess who is the seiyuu? It's Hirakawa Daisuke x MIdorikawa HIkaru! (* 0 *) In my opinion, the seiyuu fix perfectly with the characters especially Kentarou by Midorin, his voice is just like Kentarou. So cute! (^ 0 ^) Ahh, the music behind also very nice. (^ . ^)P

Guess you know who is Kentarou right? It's the black haired guy. Yea, I know he's girly, just like a classical long black-haired beauty. Indeed, he is called 'princess' by Kichou & others in the story. Not because of his look but also his character is so princess! (^ . ^) Willful, arrogant, indifferent, simple and easily to guess attitude...That's why, at first I captured by him (probably his look) then I started to like Kichou better (yea, too 'princess'-like is annoying & sometimes he's too stupid) but finally I came back to him again. No doubt, between these two I really like my black-haired beauty better.

Kichou means Butterfly and Kentarou means Dragonfly. A beautiful love story of two "insects" in the cage. Strongly recommend to you all, not only BL lovers!

*sighs* Looks like I always captured by long & dark haired guy. Always like that...*sighs*


綺蝶 x 蜻蛉

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