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Code Geass R2 Turn 22

"If being powerless is evil, is having power justice?
Is revenge evil?
Can friendship coexist with justice?"
~ Lelouch Lamperouge from Turn 1

Compare this with what Lelouch said in this episode,

The qualification for comanding the world is --- the resolve of destroy! Not only the world, even yourself.

These two sentences might not relevant but as we all know, for comanding the world you must have the power first. After Lelouch attained the power, however, what he chose is not justice but destroy. By destroying the world and create a new world, he destroy his image in other people also. Yes, the first half of the episode is all about how he became a good emperor and how people like him but after awhile he turn into someone else, someone say democracy but in real it's dictatorship.

But izzit really dictatorship? Lelouch indeed thirst for the power now and he want he's the one to control the whole situation, in order to fight with Schneizel. He was rushing to join in the UFN so if there're any disturbance he choose to use force & violence. Very well, he manage to join after all but he was late since Schneizel ady took action, plus one more, Nunnally. I wonder what really happened in that one month before he became the 99th Emperor since he can predicts what Schneizel is planning for. Always, I think both Schneizel & him are good in strategizing but I can't help to think that Lelouch is losing to him a bit. Both of them can predict their opponents' actions very well & take action beforehand but when Lelouch faces his brother he always late in one step & have Schneizel counterattack.

At the palace, Lelouch told Suzaku he will make a lot of people sheds their blood for him & let people memory about "genocide princess" fades away. It's his determination for continue his journey of changing the world & also a prediction that there will be much more tragic scenes happen later. Therefore before that, he was doing a lot of things like destroy the Royal Mausoleum, abolished the aristocrat system, liberated the colonies...etc. It's not looks like he want to leave a good image in people heart since there're no need for him to do so if he gonna destroy it right after that. That's something Lelouch wanna do from a very long time ady and it's the time now he can fulfilled it. But after that it seems to me he's still fighting alone though he can uses UFN forces now & his 'geass' soldiers.

Lelouch was choosing to bear all the sins & misunderstanding from the world & fight on his own. He need to gather all the forces to help him succeed but I suppose he's not using the correct, or I should say unpleasant way to do so. Lied again didn't he? I scared he can't resist from lying again in the future. He never tell his real intention to other people and the allies who are forced by him now but keep on lying. Well, nonetheless it can't be said misunderstanding. He's the one to make others misunderstood about him. Who can believe someone you can't ever know when he's telling a truth or a lie? I saw someone posting in a chinese forum about how Lelouch became the villain in the world eyes and bear it alone. From my pov, I think that person is trying to justified his action. She said that the world need someone like this to unite the people and fight together. He's not some hero but he is someone who creating heroes. Though it might be true but it doesn't means that Lelouch can escapes from people accusation. He's indeed doing something that will hurt people, badly perhaps. (Kaguya is crying...T .T) That rised me a question, doesn't it means that Satan is neccessary to exist in order to unite all of us to against him?

And what about that kiss before sayonara? Well, finally Kallen has her move is what I thought while I watching it. A goodbye kiss I suppose? However, it looks more like a confession and I think she's waiting for Lelouch answer at that moment. She was asking a lot & demand Lelouch thought about her but Lelouch never opens his mouth. Damn you! can't you say something? Look, Kallen is staring in Lelouch eyes awhile after the kissing & she is hoping something from him. So that's it, goodbye if this is your answer. I wanna mention about the Sunrise boys also. Well, no one relationship can be as complicated as them. I think they're making a contract with each other, not a trust between friends. But what izzit actually, they don't consider each other as friend after what happened till now right? I wonder what is "Zero Requiem". About that sky fort, Damocles, I think it's really a nice name. Click on the link & look for yourself, it's about the endangering in posiitons of power. In this show, I consider it's a punishment, threat & warning to Lelouch.

My mind can't really work well now as it's ady midnight here. After watching I was confused and wondering a lot and so I rewatched once more time. I manage to grab the pace but...I think the story is goes beyond our expectation and imagination and I give up to speculate about it anymore. The big difference between season 1 and this season imo is that I can't really "enjoy" the story anymore, at this state. It gets me headache when I going too deep into it. There're a lot of things we dunno and don't understand & while we waiting for the answers they are feeding us more & more questions (sigh...I rant about it again). Sunrise sure is trolling us!! (~ 人~)

So what will happened later on while it still only 3 episodes left? Truthfully, I never feel sad about Nunnally "fake dead" & I wish she really had a "real dead" last time ady. Appear at this moment and chosing to side with Schneizel but not your oniisan and Suzaku?! Yea, it's not looks like she can accept Zero if she knew it's her oniisan (If Schneizel told her & I bet he sure did + misleading her) since before that she never agree with Zero. Nunnally is telling what she really feel to Lelouch & Suzaku and it's good she has her stand but I suppose she never think deeply about all this happened. At least why your gentle brother suddenly will become like this & why Suzaku who is never agree with Zero changed his side? It's all about believe after all. Consider they're your enemies means that you don't believe in them or you think it's not worth your believe in exchange with millions people lives?

Choice and trust are being played in this episode. Btw, I'm thinking as we all the spectators ady "suffering" a lot for this show I wondering what's the characters inside really feel about it. Lol! Yes, it's a silly question since it's an anime only. (^ ~ ^)" At a side note, I feel the animation quality is dropping in the recent epsiodes. Is they still rushing the episodes?
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